Saturday, 5 August 2017

Get Out and Ride (5 August 2017)

With our friends from Singapore!
With  KC
With Malcolm Chen, the man of the hour
Malcolm welcoming Asia Cycling Network representatives
Thank you, G Bikes for sponsoring the event!
Booked for Asia Cycling Network!!!
Test ride, by the harbour
Test ride by the harbour
Medic on wheels
Under the tent...
I shoot you and you shoot me!!
Finally met Benny Chua of CYC Link in person!
Getting a good explanation of Buddy Bike
Tricycle with an additional handlebar behind
2 wheeled recumbent bike!!!
4 wheeled park bikes!!!

This morning, we drove across the border to attend a special ride in support of children with special abilities. 7 of us packed into a car and endured both countries' immigration checkpoints. On a Saturday; still a working day for some commerce, the start of a weekend for Singapore and the end of a weekend for Malaysia; we bore the worst brunt of traffic congestion!

Going into Singapore, we joined the morning office, rush hour traffic. It took us 1.5 hours to arrive at our destination.

Returning was worse! We queued at lengths at both countries' immigration. The Singaporeans were leaving the Republic for the start of their weekend while the Malaysians were returning home, in preparation of the new work day, a Sunday! We sat in the car for 2.5 hours!!!

Activities at pit stop
Pit stop
 It was all well worth the sacrifice as we witnessed the joy and pride of the children as they struggled to keep their balance. Towards the end, they finished the whole 5 km route and were presented with medals and certificate of achievements. Not an easy feat for able persons; made more difficult for those with marked difficulties in gross motor skills.

Malcolm and his crew
Principal of Grace Orchard School

Kudos are given to Malcolm Chen of Ageless Bicyclists, Grace Orchard School, teachers and volunteers for their dedication in spearheading this special program, implemented since 2015.


Instigated by Chief to break the rules
The good and the bad!
Non conformist!

Photo Credits :
1. Anna
2. KC
3. William

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