Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tour de Wantan Mee and Chui Kueh (23 April 2016)

Group photo, missing out Saito and Michael
This man is born to pose
This man is born to eat air!
"Copy me, Claudine!'
Copy fail.....Thanks Khan, for inducting me into the Hall of Fame, Team Ultraman

Now, what keeps drawing us back to Sedenak? There's hills to play with, a good supply of greenery, clear crystal streams, railway crossings.....counting road kills, etc. While some will vote for the nature ride, many will vouch for the food!

This morning sees many riders returning to Huo Guo Shan for a value added ride! Sue had named the ride Tour de Wantan Mee and Chui Kueh for good reasons.

While everyone were gearing up their roadbikes, VT unloaded his steel horse, Komplete Horse Shit to the amusement of others. You see, Horse Shit is nothing more than a small foldable "pony" with 20 inch tyres. But this little pony has travelled to many countries; through air, sea and land passage.

We flagged off as soon as an orange backhoe rumbled past. Upon Leo's suggestion, we all took off behind the vehicle. Voon was the first to grab the free ride. Keng Guan, again on fixie and Wen Chong were quickly by his side enjoying a good exchange before Claudine caught up.

As the first group crossed the railway line Leo, Khan, Agnes, Andy and Jolin quickly caught up. We were all happily following the orange machine when it suddenly reduced speed, going through a bumpy crossing with a raised boom gate and security checks. Everyone quickly jammed the brakes to prevent a pile up.

Saying goodbye to our ride, we left. We cruised along the palm oil estate road before hitting our first mean climb. Voon, Keng Guan and Wen Chong were leading by 20 feet, when suddenly, Khan shouted, "Attack!!!"

Leo, swung an apologetic look at Agnes and Claudine, turned and propelled forward. We see the boys disappear around the corner in a split second.

Meanwhile, Andy who was riding ahead of Claudine, stalled. He beckoned Claudine to move forward, wanting to assume sweeper role. Instead, she waved him ahead assuring him that VT was still behind. Knowing all will be accounted for, Andy effortlessly caught up with the boys.

Now, the only one left within sight is Little Red Riding Hood, trotting some 20 feet ahead of Claudine. Both girls rode together in the dark, gloomy plantation, the sunlight barely peeking through the thick, lush palm leaves.

As Claudine was huffing and puffing up yet another slope, an orange figure loomed beside her. It flashes its big sharp teeth!!! Then, it cooed cunningly at her, "Why are you riding so fast today, Claudma?"

Jitters!!! Claudine diverted its attention to the rider ahead.

With a smile, Tigger "attacked" Little Red Riding Hood!!!


"Take 2, start rolling....." called the director!

Truth is Jolin was riding between the 2 girls all the way through the palm oil estates, making sure that they were alright!!! Now, as they escaped the dark plantation, they now faced rolling hills. Up and down the trio attacked the hills. 

They passed the stinking Lew Peng chicken farm.... 

They crossed the 3 rivers, now almost dry by El NiƱo effect....

Throughout all this, Claudine was chased by dogs, not once but twice!!!

After the rolling hills, Agnes was rolling more slowly. Claudine quietly caught up behind her and then, overtook her with glee!!! However, our lady captain will not accept defeat so easily. She regained her lead within minutes.

As they were approaching Layang-layang, a rider overtook Claudine, catching her by surprise. Michael who had arrived late, was still gearing up when the group took off. Like a trusting bull, he had raced all the way from behind, overtaking each rider, one by one!

We all made it to our first pitstop at the 7 Eleven store. The men in black were finishing their drinks when the second batch of riders arrived. Andy though faithfully waited at the junction to direct everyone to the stop!

We saw Hea and YL come in not long after the second batch. Bob tailed behind with his metasprint flag, numbered 1604 from last week's competition. Then, slightly later, Sue, who was escorted by Saito. Finally, we saw Thomas and the two Madcat father and son team.

Meanwhile, VT who was riding alone, found himself drafting behind our orange backhoe till they hit the hills. Then the grind began and the shortcomings of a foldie unfolded itself. With only 9 back gears to play with, VT found himself running out of gears to change! Also the upright seating position was not very aerodynamic, thus he could not speed downhills fast enough to propel himself up the next hill. Having a small 20 inch wheels was not helping much too. 

After a labourious ride, VT finally arrived at Guang Fatt Wantan Mee. He enjoyed his meal before riding back to base with a cooler bag filled with takeaways. They were neatly tucked in his pannier that was hooked to the rear rack.

As the second leg began, Jolin was first to ride out, followed by Claudine. Leaving the town, Claudine heard "hee, hee, hee, hee..." Only a girl could pant like that!

Sue called out, "Let's overtake Jolin!" As Claudine's legs will not move as told, Sue politely overtook her.

Coming to an open road, Agnes called out, "Get in line!" The little black figures crowded around Claudine. One by one, Leo and Khan tapped on her shoulder playfully. "Someone" even threatened to pull at her granny panties!!! Slowly the tease(s) left her behind.

Then, another set of rolling hills began. Again, the boys were nowhere in sight. Again, Agnes was leading. This time, Andy was looking after the girls. This time, Sue was playing catch with Claudine!

Sue will race up a hill, only to loose steam halfway. Claudine will steadily climb and overtake her midway. However, on downhills, Sue will overtake Claudine again! Mass does matter!!!

And the same story repeats itself on the next hill, and the next hill, and the next hill.....

With 2 km more to Renggam, Agnes was seen stopping in the middle of a steep slope. Andy was with her. Twice she tried to get back on her bike and twice, her chains failed to turn!

Taking this opportunity, Claudine overtook them and raced past yet another set of railway tracks to the second pitstop. Within minutes, Agnes, Andy and Sue rolled in. Then Hea, followed much later by Thomas and the Madcat father and son team. While Bob was behind earlier, he had gotten a hang of the hills and rolled in together with the men in black.

We took a short rest and rode back again, in anticipation of our Wantan Mee. We returned with almost the same of chain of events. Jolin will lead, followed closely by Claudine...

Soon, Agnes will call out, "Get in line". The little black figures will disappear...

Claudine and Sue continue to race on the hills....

When Claudine finally got back to Guang Fatt, much to her chagrin, the black team together with Bob and Andy were already tossing their Wantan Mee with their chopsticks! Sue trailed behind minutes later. Again, followed by Hea and Saito. And much later Thomas and the Madcats.

We all enjoyed a good meal and a good fellowship before heading out. Sue though had some secret training with Jolin. The duo stayed behind.

Meanwhile, Thomas enjoyed another cigarette while the father and son team accompanied him. They too, stayed behind. 

We were informed Keng Guan and Wen Chong had gone on another route and will not be returning with us.


Claudine forgot to pay the bill! She stopped, Andy stopped, YL slowed down.... With a smug look YL exclaimed he had paid on her behalf!!!

But by then, the leading team had gone! Claudine found herself riding with Andy and with very little motivation. The return leg seems steeper, the climbs harder. 

Just before mayhem struck, we saw a cool group of cyclists all in group jerseys. Trailing behind was a lone rider in pink. We later found the group's photo through some shares....could it be a mistaken identity???

When they came upon the railway tracks, Claudine was surprised to see Team JEC goofing around. They had made Agnes lead them while they sang and joked. Then they had taken a long break posing for Cycling weekly magazine!

Mayday!!! Hea had suffered bad cramps 10 km after Layang-layang. Sue and Jolin were in secret training when they chanced upon him. While Sue sent distressed calls to almost everyone, Jolin massaged his legs! Finally, VT was summoned to pick him up.

Back at Hua Gua Shan, VT said Bob was first to arrive. While, Claudine had no recollections of YL's performance earlier, he came in second. In due time, everyone rolled in.

While some packed to leave in a hurry, others enjoyed some drinks at the temple. There were some who even took the extra mile to turn off at Kelapa Sawit for their famed Chui Kueh.... on motorized vehicle of course!!!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Roasting in Kukup! (17 April 2016)

All 21 riders finally got together
Our Kulai supporters
A union of all teams
A world where team does not matter but good sportmanship takes precedence
Team W Cycle and JEC playing host to "Team Singapore"
The Ad Hoc's beaming in their graduation robes!
Can't get enough of James Bond
The pink swag!
Sedili and Kukup, back to back!!! POWERRRRR!!
Even the camera loves Thomas!
Godma playing host
When we get together, we EAT!
When we get together, we DRINK!
Resting in Pekan Nanas
The loving couple and their friend
Donkey cornered by the Stallions

"10 buns on first come, first serve basis. Breakfast to be served at 6.45 am!!!" That was Claudine's text to the group when Andy poked her on her bake out yesterday.

True to her words, she brought warm buns to compete with Pan Kobo Cafe this morning! Jolin, Voon, Leo and Agnes were already parked when she arrives. But not everyone were greedy enough to eat. Perhaps, watching too much of what happened to Snow White made them cautious on sinking their teeth into food offered by "strangers".

While everyone else's were gearing up for the 7.15am push off, Team JEC left with a half baked promise to meet at Pekan Nanas on the return route. They were meeting Team W Cycle for their fully loaded ride to Tg Piai.

Andy arrived too late for the buns! Even though Zoe shared hers' with him, he was still reluctant to lead us today....JOKE! He had to wait for another few friends who were late. Due to that, Yew Loong was automatically pushed up the corporate ladder!

We rolled out after a group photo was taken. Yew Loong led us out through the Southgate and onto the butterfly interchange. We cruised along Iskandar Coastal Highway before turning off on the Pontian exit.

Climbing the slope on this "clover", Claudine overtook the boys. Sue followed gleefully. Jolin gave chase! So did everyone else!!! With that, Yew Loong immediately loss leadership of the group!

We cruised along Lebuh Kota Iskandar, took the 12 o'clock on the Eco Botanics roundabout and started climbing the flyover. One by one, everyone scaled it at their own speed but flew downhill at top speed!

Claudine though, stopped by the side of the road for the back riders. When Zoe and VT finally came through, they chased the group. Janet, Yew Loong, Wei Lun, Thomas and CK were waiting at the traffic lights. Sue and Jolin stopped for the others a little ahead.

When everyone reached the cross junction with Jalan Ulu Choh, no front runners were in sight. We quickly assumed they had turned right, using the route mostly travelled by cars. We, took our preferred scenic kampung route instead.

On the way to the kampung route, 2 riders in GCC graduate jersey called out to us! It was Olivier and Chee Kiang!! Olivier who was with the front runners had waited after the right turn to give directions. Seeing that everyone of us had gone ahead at the junction, he gave chase. Meanwhile, Chee Kiang who was late, rode by himself and chanced upon Olivier!!

Picking them up, we rode all the way to Pekan Nanas shell station and were relieved to see "Team Kulai" waiting!

But wait a minute!!!!

David, our new friend from Texas is missing!!!!

After a quick enquiry, we were informed that David was using the restroom at the petrol station. Whewwww!!!!

We left for Kukup after bidding Olivier goodbye. He was returning to base. As Sunday is the new Monday, he had to be ready to play school bus.

This time, we made a slower ride, passing by the Pekan Nanas town before taking the left turn for Kukup....

Ready, steady, go!!!!!

Everyone started to ride as fast as they could on this famed 10km Strava segment. Before she could even start, Sue overtook Claudine. Threatened, Claudine sped up the rotation of her crankset.

Then suddenly, Tom came from behind her. He whizzed past leading Kevin, Thomas and Steven. Thomas called out, "Come, peloton! Peloton!"

Claudine quickly latched on! Drafting behind the group, she easily overtook Sue. Sue though was not used to drafting and was soon left behind!

The group rode for a couple of kilometers before Thomas starts to show fatigue. He waved Steven ahead. Steven tried to close the gap but gave up after awhile.

Drafting behind Steven, Claudine thought she could pull Steven ahead to join the paceline. It didn't turn out as planned! She was too small to break the wind for Steven and with that, he too was left on his own.

Somewhere along this route, we picked up CK and Michael. CK took turns with Tom to pull the group to the finish line.....NOT!!! We stopped near a blue roofed multi purpose hall just meters away from the T-junction. That junction marks the end of the Strava segment! Because of that, none of us got very good results to show!

All 21 riders heading for Kukup slowly arrived including Andy and his friends from Milipede Bike Team. We graced another group photo before taking the last leg through the oil palm estate for Kukup.

Everytime a new gal for our Bollywood heart throb
Arriving at the mamak shop in Kukup, our handsome Bollywood star was still waiting in his "No Hard Feelings" T-shirt!

Sherry and her Milipede friends were standing in wait too!

They have lost one Milipede on mtb. Turns out the curling mechanism and hard outer body of a milipede could not keep this one from harm's way. Wei Lun, also on mtb was asked to turn back for him as he was the only one with a suitable inner tube.

After a long breakfast, we got ready to leave only to see Wei Lun and "Milipede" arriving. Knowing that we have some slow riders with us, we headed out first with the promise to regroup again in Pekan Nanas.

Initially, VT led everyone out. He was followed closely by Zoe. However, somewhere still within Kukup, a group of riders from Pekan Nanas were also heading out. Zoe got detached from VT, while he rode ahead, assuming everyone were tailing behind.

Soon enough, everyone started to pump the pedals. While Claudine rode with Zoe for a distance, Yew Loong and Michael overtook them. Then Tom, followed closely by Kevin! Claudine cautioned all riders on the Indian temple turn off as they zoomed past.

Then, not trusting, she gave chase. True enough, they missed the Indian temple turn off!!!


Heads turned! More screaming! Message got across.....they turned back!

This time, VT and Claudine stood guard on either side of the road. They were not taking any chances! When Steven finally made the turn, they left their positions and went in the oil palm route together.

Claudine started speeding.....

She overtook Steven, then Zoe, then Sue!

Somewhere out there, she saw 2 figures by the side of the road. It was YL and Janet. Janet was fiddling with her phone while YL was fiddling with his water bottle. She stopped to check that they were alright.

Punctures? No.

Mud on YL's pants???? He had a fall!!!!

Poor guy had a crash when wife slowed down to answer a call!!! Calls from the matriarch of the family is put on the highest hierarchy of all calls! You just got to pick up the phone!!!

Waiting for YL to get his act together, Andy and the Millipede Bike Team came along! While Andy and some others stopped, Ah Meng whizzed past, followed by Sherry in a very aerodynamic position. We gave chase!

After awhile, Claudine found herself riding alone. There was no sight of Ah Meng and Sherry. Neither did she want to fall back.

Thankfully, she did not ride alone for long. Kevin overtook her and she grabbed the opportunity to latch on. They rode together for a good distance before Tom came along. He pulled the two on the opposite side of the road explaining that we were taking cover from the wind. The bushes by the side of the road helped to break the wind!

When they got to the junction leading to the main road, everyone had gone! Nobody were waiting to give directions! Turning right, they saw Ah Meng and Sherry sneaking sugar cane juice from a roadside stall.

Leaving the 2 at the sugar cane stall, they began their "10km" route....

They came across David taking a breather by the side of the road.....

They came upon Sue....Tom slowed the ride to give some pointers to her. When Tom realized Sue was left behind from the paceline, he fell back to give her support, directing Claudine and Kevin to ride ahead.

Meanwhile, Chee Kiang and CK were almost reaching the end of the segment when Claudine and Kevin finally reached them. Claudine guided everyone to the Pekan Nanas fruit stall only to see BK by himself!

BK had gone to Tg Piai with Team W Cycle. On their return, Mark had took the route passing by Pontian. BK had given chase, lost him and then decided to stop for a drink.

At the Pekan Nanas fruit stall, all riders eventually streamed in. Team JEC and Team W Cycle took a longer time to arrive. It was a huge get together!!!

All good things must come to an end. At the end of the day, we still had to head back home. We rode out leaving Team Milipede to do their bike shopping at Pekan Nanas and Steven to wait for his rescue after a few bad cramps.

Michael and CK had left slightly earlier. Michael had a long ride back to Seelong while CK had some affairs to attend to.

We rode back the same way we came. Andy though had to do a sprint after Uncle Lim's durian stall. He had to chase after Tom and Kevin , as again they almost missed the turning to the scenic kampung route.

There were strays too! David overshot the turning and thankfully, heard the booming call from Andy. This afternoon though, there were some roadworks on the route and it wasn't as pretty as when we came by earlier.

Reaching Amin, VT, Wei Lun and Zoe decided for a quick drink while the rest of us prefered to labour the last leg home. We scaled the last hills coming across Calvin, Agnes and Voon. Meanwhile, Khan in his bright pink jersey and Leo were a vision from afar.

Together we rode to the traffic lights which took the longest time to change to green. This indirectly allows everyone to regroup here.

When the light turned green, we made the final climb over the flyover. While Sue, raced up the slope, Claudine slowly laboured up. She overtook Sue and even Calvin! Tom and Jolin were within sights of the girls. But when they came down, Sue finally overtook Claudine on the Iskandar Coastal Highway. Claudine though, did not want to put up a fight anymore!

Cruising along, we overtook Wai....

We came back to Southgate.....

Lau was waiting under a tree for Wai and Calvin. Saluting, we left him in wait while we climbed the last slope to the car park. Sue was ahead, followed by Kevin and Claudine. The three made it back together but Claudine did not attend the victory party. The heat was too hot and getting home was tops on her list!

Zoe made it all the way to Kukup this time without her Double Expresso! In fact, she rode the extra mile, riding from home and back. She deserves our utmost respect!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tour of the Waterfronts (10 April 2016)

The group at its peak
The 3 Hakka girls : Eva, Janet and Ailly
The 3 Men Eating Nasi Lemak : Wong, Chiam, Terrence
Hamid and Marianna
Teh, who later got a puncture!
Beautiful kampung ride
Delicious Nasi Lemak and a breathtaking view!


Getting lost on your very first ride! Topping it all off, you have to address 2 punctures on the very same day!!!! After such bad experiences, you will definitely think twice about setting off on your two wheelers again.

Having such people in mind .... and all newbies, we came together this morning to help everyone enjoy a good ride. Many experienced riders came out to help. While some led, others swept!

We flagged off from Horizon Hills promptly after a group photo was taken. It was a difficult task coordinating more than 30 riders in a straight line. Even Irene was finding it hard to put everyone into a frame!

It was good to see Steven and Doreen supporting the ride all the way from Kulai...

Eugene came forward to introduce himself. He has been chatting with Claudine in a chatgroup for some time but they have yet to meet. Today though, they didn't have time to exchange more than a smile and handshake!

TH was our honorary leader. He led everyone out through the Southgate while pacing the ride between 18-22 kph.

As we approached the butterfly interchange, another group of riders were coming from the opposite side. Looking across, they were very slick, all on roadbikes, riding on a decent speed. We on the other hand, looked like a group of misfits...a terrible mixture of roadbikes, mtb and foldies! Moreover, we were a group of mama bear, papa bear, grandpa bear, grandma bear and baby bear!!!

Chins up!!! Misfits we were but a bigger group than them and they were just as delighted to see us as we were them!

One by one all riders disappeared down the butterfly interchange and came out the other side. Claudine was riding with her eleven year old son, Rygel while VT was somewhere behind sweeping Sue, accompanied by hubby Michael.

Slowly, the more powerful riders were beckoned to overtake her. They whizzed past sending quick greetings!

"Hi, Claudine!"
Alvin, looking sleek in black jersey overtook her. He had been away from riding for more than 6 months, helping out his dad who had to undergo a series of surgeries. With him back to riding, we hope his father is finally on the mend!

"Hi, Claudine!"
That was Joshua who had just scaled Annapurna Base Camp! Joshua too, had put off riding for more than 3 months after suffering a back injury!

"Hi! Hi!"
Joseph on his foldie???? Joseph is a powerful rider on RB. Today, he chose to take his foldie out just as he did once to Gunung Pulai!

Once on the Iskandar Coastal Highway, everyone starts to cruise at their own speed. Some could keep up with TH. But some, slowly lagged behind. Very soon it was obvious that there were a few sub groups riding together within sight of each other.

We turned off to Lebuh Kota Iskandar heading for Marlborough College. Hock Nim was seen picking up a dropped water bottle. For foldies, best to use Topeak's bottle cage that comes with a rubbery strap. This bottle cage can even be extended to fit a 1.5l Coke bottle!
At the turn off to the College, a lone figure stood. YL was waiting to give directions to oncoming riders.

Just outside the College, a white Honda Civic was parked by the side. Irene, driving our support vehicle was taking the opportunity to take photos of all approaching riders.

We then turned into the kampung road that leads to Kg Sg Melayu. This is a 7 km ride under the canopy of oil palm trees that decked the road. As this route has a low traffic volume, it was a perfect time to catch up with old buddies. Some though, were panting too hard to even hold a decent conversation!

While, the rest breezed through this route, Sue was having a hard time on her rusty mtb. VT quietly swept her while hubby Michael was blasting "Mission Impossible" from his speakers, a decibel high enough to penetrate the peace of the estate!

Soon, Rygel fell to the back when he took an unofficial waterstop. VT took over the role of riding with him which allows Claudine to troop forward. She rode with Sue and Michael for a while before reaching out to Teh who was riding alone.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group had arrived at the Kampung with Irene and YL standing guard to give directions at the last 2 turnings.

TH and Malcolm were beaming in their yellow GCC graduate jerseys....

Wong Kyuan and Tong arrived in their Tern D16, which was identical to Claudine's and Marianna's. While Tong came with his wife and son, Marianna came with hubby, Hamid!

It was so pleasant to see Siew Guay! After being robbed off her Cannondale roadbike, she had come back with a fiercer bike. This time, she rides a Specialized Amira!

While waiting for the last few riders, Rygel came with information that Teh had had a rear puncture and VT was helping him out ! It was decided we will push off so that they do not have to ride in at all, thus saving everyone some time!

We all rode out through the same way. Maggie and Ailly both on roadbikes were keeping up well. They flew past Claudine.

This time, Chee Kiang came to announce his presence....

As everyone zoomed out, we saw VT and Teh riding in the opposite direction. Inner tube replaced, they made a U-turn to join the rest on their way out.

Everyone regrouped again just outside the kampung. Claudine made friends with Chiam who had just sent her a friend request on FB. Nope....she does not accept stranger's request but definitely will after this ride! She also got to know Terrence who was riding with Chiam!

When everyone finally arrived, we rode to Kota Iskandar while The Tongs, Siew Guay and a few others made a U-turn at the roundabout to return home. In the meantime, TH led everyone to a beautiful garden with water fountains inside the administrative center.

We took a short break for some shutterbugs to try out their skills. Then, we rolled to Puteri Harbour via the back way, excited that our promised Nasi Lemak break is approaching.

Sadly, another small group of riders, led by Saikit were leaving us. They too, had some affairs to attend to!

At Puteri Harbour, Claudine was rolling through the drain's metal covers when she lost balance! She took a leap, a few stomps and ended up standing with one hand still holding on the the bike's handlebar! Lucas gave her an incredulous look and had to agree that it was a graceful fall!
Everyone trickled in slowly and waited in anticipation! The promised Nasi Lemak was taking too long to arrive! It turned out that Irene had to rush off to buy disposable spoons NOT provided by the seller.

Now, true to his words, Kiwi helped Irene to collect RM2 from everyone who had placed orders. The premature end to his ride at the kampung due to faulty brakes made him the perfect assistant to Irene!

The RM2 Nasi Lemak was delicious in a traditional way. Even though grease proof paper was used to wrap the rice, the supplier did not miss out a small piece of banana leaf to line the paper that adds fragrance. There was half an egg, crispy anchovies, peanuts and tasty Sambal.

Everyone's creative side, soon took over. While some took advantage of Old Town's tables and chairs by ordering drinks, some others used those of Brussels Cafe which is not opened for business yet! The shy ones ate by the marina overlooking the yachts.

When we were finally done eating, we resumed our ride to Sunway Iskandar. Eva though had to call off her ride. The Nasi Lemak that Wen Han ate must have created an inferno in his stomach. Dad had to be called to rescue mother and son!
This time, TH led us to the end of the road, roll up a steep knoll which overlooks the 2nd link bridge! Janet who is first time on cleats struggled with her gear shifts, lost balance and fell.....thankfully on the bush and not the loose gravels!

While we lost a few riders earlier, we now gained a new one! David, a Caucasian had followed The Misfits up the knoll. After a few introductions, we found out that David lives very near to Claudine! We hope to see him more often in our rides!!!

It was getting late and the ride had dragged on for too long. With less than 6 km more to home, TH gave a briefing to everyone on the simplest route home. He tried leading the riders back but some though we're not listening and went via the Gleneagles Medini way. Poor TH, struggled with decision making! Finally, he gave instructions to Maggie and some others on the proper route and went off to chase the lambs!

Sweeping from behind, VT and Claudine faced the same dilemma! Teh had gone straight towards Gleneagles too!!! Feeling the need to look after the lambs, they led Marianna, Hamid, Sue and Michael the same way too!

Sue gave up at Medini Mall. Looks like, it was really Mission Impossible for her on the rusty bike! So, Michael sped off in a hurry to return with the rescue car. As for Teh, Marianna and Hamid, they laboured slowly but surely all the way back to base together with The Choongs.

The ride ended well. For the newbies, clocking 45km in a day is a great feat. Hopefully, the next leisure ride will receive the same good response and support from everyone!