Tuesday, 26 January 2016

JB 1st evening ride

Premieres : 7 th November 2014
Time : 5.40pm to 7.00pm
Pioneer evening riders : Maggie, Ying Chang, Claudine

The ride was initially planned for 6 th November but Zeus sent torrential rain at 4 pm which fizzles down to a lengthy drizzle throughout the evening.

So, history was finally made today. We went ahead with our evening ride even though it rained. Die hard riders , we set off from Horizon Hills in slight drizzle.

As soon as we left the east gate, the raindrops became more dense. Motorcyclists were stopping by the side of the road to put on their raincoats. They gave us pity looks.

The queer thing was one half of the sky was dark while the other half was clear. Ying Chang led us away from the dark side.

We chose light!

And we won!!!!

We were rewarded with cool weather.

We witnessed Zeus' powerful simulation from day to night, from dark skies to clear skies, from dusk to twilight to darkness....

Again, my wonder... Today, a lorry, a van and a police car honked at us.

Most peculiar is the police car. It was  travelling in the middle of a 3 lane highway with no other vehicles. We were on the far left, cruising on the emergency lane.

Why honk? I still insist the honks are a salutation to our efforts