Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pink Pedals, Ride for Pink October - Grand Finale ( 22 October 2016 )

A tribute to a friend....

When I got to know my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back, my first reaction was one of shock, then followed by despair as she was the only one allowed to touch my hair for more than a decade. That sentence sums up my distrustful nature and my loyalty to a friend!!! Ours was a peculiar friendship spent hours on end on her chair while she made me beautiful.

While Joel was a successful business woman, she was every bit a good wife and mother. She was a wholesome woman who loves to cook and clean....to an extend of being O.C.D.!!! She worked too hard for her own good. Hence, when we cried together, she often shared her regrets of chasing the golden dream. Towards the end, she advised me time and again to treasure my loved ones and to lead a simple wholesome life.

Sadly, Joel was not meant to follow today's Pink Pedals, Ride for Pink October - Grand Finale. She passed away a few days ago. While her's was a sad ending, my Aunt Gold Teeth was a breast cancer survivor who lived up to a ripe old age of 81.

Nothing is futile if sacrifices can be made for the greater good....EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES!!!

This ride is dedicated to her....


Pink Pedals, Ride for Pink October - Grand Finale

At IPD Johor Bahru Selatan
Waiting for flag-off
We are here for you BCSG
Hani, receiving cheers
With members of Laughter Yoga
Police car, ambulance and police lorry in the background
Our friendly law and order officer
AMS ambulance reporting for duty as early as 6.45am
Pink doughnuts courtesy of Regency Specialist Hospital

Just before day break, 2 riders were spotted climbing the "dragon's back" on the Iskandar Coastal Highway. Heading for IPD Johor Selatan, the venue for today's Grand Finale were Peter and Malcolm. However, they were not the the firsts to arrive at the meet up point but Susanna and Niki. Both ladies donned the previous year's BCSGJB t-shirt, in support of Susanna's aunt who was a past president.

As dawn breaks, more and more riders arrive at the police station. We saw KM, Ah Khoon, Kee Hua and a few other HRC marshals arriving in their bright orange tees. Following behind them were the huge entourage of Impian Riders. We saw Gaya, Joho Foldies, FCC, Ad Hocs and many other individuals as well.

While the morning started slowly with enough time for chatter and balloon blowing, the postcard perfect weather was soon eclipsed by dark grey clouds. The day's agenda was improvised and we were hurried through the speeches by Doris and OCPD Tuan Sulaiman, with no time for breakfast! Then, the official flag off and blaring of horns commenced....all done to avoid the impending rain!

Leaving the police station, we turned on to Jalan Wong Ah Fook. The rejuvenation of Sungai Segget and the underground sewerage works had reduced the 4 lane road to a single lane, filled with pot holes and loose gravels. Threatening our safety further, the sky decided to spit at us. It started with a few drops, then a drizzle, before a full onslaught. Thankfully, the rain lasted only long enough to dampen our clothes but not our spirits.

Riding on the busy road of Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, we were grateful the policemen stopped traffic to allow us safe passage. Our law and order officers even used their motorcycles as barricades!!!

Getting a helping hand

Getting a helping hand

Travelling uphill on Jalan Kebun Teh Lama, Jolin helped to direct cyclists. A policeman on motorcycle gave Hani, a push all the way up the slope while Ah Khoon, on pedal work did the same for a male cyclist! Throughout all this, our entourage was followed closely by a police lorry as support vehicle and an ambulance for first aid and emergency evacuation.

Congratulations, Lily!

The BCSGJB members were at their community's guard post to meet and greet us. We received warm applause and cheers but today's trophies clearly went to Lily and Hani, both breast cancer survivors who finished the 5 km ride through rain, hills and traffic!!!

We enjoyed a morning tea session at the center while those interested were given a tour around. Tuan Norazlan must have been very tickled when given a tutorial on breast lumps using silicone samples!

While Selva and Jessie gave welcoming speeches to us upon arrival, Tuan Norazlan's departing speech asked for public cooperation while reassuring continuous police commitment on crime reduction. Stephen though only had the ladies' welfare in mind. He encouraged them to fight on and pledged to stand by them!!!

We had a short tour of Taman Kebun Teh before heading back to the police station. Residents came out to wave their support; clapping and cheering us on. It was a proud moment for all of us, Malaysians united for a common cause, bound together in the spirit of "Semangat Kekitaan!"

Leaving the center, we enjoyed a downhill glide to Holiday Plaza. However, a continuous climb pursued from KSL all the way to Grand Paragon Hotel. Turning right to Lebuhraya Tebrau, all motorized vehicles stopped for us. Our climb continued from there on but beyond the clover interchange, we were rewarded with a downhill cruise all the way back to the police station.

Ms Chew


It was a joyous homecoming as another meal awaits us. The breakfast we missed earlier was served as brunch instead! 20 consolation prizes were given away in a lucky draw while the coveted top 3 prizes comprising of 6 combo tickets to Legoland went to the most unassuming winners!

Winners there will be........MAY WE BE WINNERS IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST CANCER!!!

Special thanks to :

Polis Diraja Malaysia
Breast Cancer Support Group of Johor Bahru
Asia Medevac Services
Legoland Malaysia
Regency Specialist Hospital
Horizon Hills  
Daniel Wng
Happy Riders Connect
Asia Cycling Network 

Joho Foldies
Even the uniformed officers!!!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Pink Pedals, Ride for Pink October - Part 2 (15 October 2016)

Pink balloons in support of Breast Cancer Awareness
Gearing up
Gearing up
Our buffet table
The group at its peak
The remaining pink balloons still flying proudly
Nom Nom Nom!!!
A world without borders!!!

This morning saw many riders from all walks of life and all age group, coming together for a good cause. Ours was not the usual touted charity drives but one that comes with a simple goal.....to create breast cancer awareness. After all, early detection saves lives and our aim is for women to be "breast aware", to remind women to do breast self examination and to know there are support groups out there!

In support of Pink

Besides the internationally recognizable pink ribbons, we flew more than 40 pink balloons today! Everyone were most cooperative, helping to blow them up and tying them to their saddle posts.

We rolled out after Yan Lin finally sorted out her deflated front tyre and a massive choreography attempt on group photo was undertaken. All bikes had to be turned around to "moon" the photographer for the sakes of the pink balloons.

The spirit of Esprit de Corps was very strong as we rode together, mostly in a group and within sights of each other all the way to Marlborough College. Even the strongest and fastest riders rode slowly, giving due consideration to the weaker links.

As already pre-informed, the racing circuit begins at Kg Sg Melayu. Once after the turn to Marlborough College, the sound of gears shifting began and the mashing of pedals commenced. Accompanied by the whirring sound of spinning wheels, many road bikers quickly disappeared into the green lung of the palm oil estate.

At the fork road to the jetty, Wen Han took the wrong turn. He mistakenly led half the riders on a tour of the kampung before Jolin finally caught up and brought them to our meeting place.

Our pink balloons raised a few eyebrows today. A few curious kampung folks enquired about their purpose. No doubt, we achieved our objectives today.

Exiting the kampung, we proceeded to JSNAC for a quick photo stop before heading to Puteri Harbour. As it was a perfect day for sailing, only a handful of yachts were moored at the marina. The rest must have sailed out taking advantage of the sunny and windy day.

While some riders enjoyed ice creams and cold drinks from Points, some others preferred a sit down breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. Having a takeaway is cheaper than dining in which comes with an additional service charge of 10%. In true seriousness, we could not figure what service was rendered as we had to queue to order, take a number and return to the counter to collect our food! 

Happy Riders
YL and The Pang's
The Misfits
"Sir Anthony Hopkins" and his lady friends

After a long rest, we returned to Horizon Hills via Lebuh Medini, passing by Gleneagles Medini, Legoland and Medini Mall. At the traffic lights near Legoland, our sweet friends Desmond and ET stopped traffic using their bikes and bodies as human shields to give us safe passage!!!

Back at Horizon Hills Clubhouse, Jim the General Manager of Horizon Hills gave us a warm welcome. Lydia won the coveted prize of a pair of combo tickets to Legoland, compliments of the theme park itself. After our light brunch to which everyone praised the food, we said our goodbyes, hoping to meet again on our Grand Finale this 22 October 2016.


In loving memory of my friend, Joel Yap