Thursday, 25 August 2016

Leisure Ride to Kampung Sg Melayu and Kampung Pendas Laut (20 August 2016)

Big wheels and small wheels get together
A muddied rooster at Kg Pendas Laut
An old boat that has never set sail for a long time, probably used as a houseboat instead. In the far distance is Singapore!
Idyllic village
Camouflaged chicks

We soon realized there is an omnipresence larger than life itself when we see the weather changes from 99% chance of precipitation to clear blue sky! Rain was evident when TH drove his wet car into the parking lot. In fact, Lucas and Thomas Tai were held back by a downpour in Taman Perling. But, thanks to undeniable divine intervention, it was crisp dry in Horizon Hills!

While the big wheelers were meant to ride out with the small wheelers, Susanna signaled Claudine the go ahead. It seems the Foldies had planned a shorter route, what with newbie Mavis' maiden ride on her equally new Brompton. Just like the saying, "birds of a feather, flocks together!" the big wheelers streamed out onto the Iskandar Coastal Highway.

Suffering from degenerative joint disease, Malcolm was not showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, he was bullish today, romping through the narrow village road of Kg Sg Melayu. Matt and Claudine hard a hard time keeping up with our Welsh giant! His recent gel injection administered to the knee, a concoction of silicon and steroids must have attributed to his turbo boost today! One begins to wonder if he will pass the Olympics drug test!!!

At the jetty in Kg Sg Melayu, TH got everyone slightly worried when he failed to show up at the appropriate time frame. Everyone had gathered for drinks at the jetty's coffee shop which is more often not opened for business. Thankfully, the man himself appeared soon enough ending our debate. We soon found out he was held back by a phone call.

We met Ed, Garett and another fellow Englishman at this same jetty. Initially, they were taken aback by Claudine's brazen welcome but soon came over for a chat. It was not difficult to note Garett's brand new La Pierre Xelius, a recent purchase from Nur Ikhsan, as shopowner Woon had put it up on FB. It serves to break the ice and we were soon chatting away.

Saying goodbye to our new found friends, we rode out of the kampung, yet again led by our Welsh giant, followed closely by Matt and much further behind, Claudine. TH was drafting behind Claudine, overtaking her on flats and losing out on hills!!!!

Kampung Sg Melayu is a favourite riding haunt for cyclists. While we saw some mtb riders exiting earlier, we now see our fellow Foldies friends enter the labyrinth of the hamleted settlement. We spotted yet, a few more mtb riders and a few teenagers on assorted rides, probably on a Pokemon Go hunt, on the palm oil decked road. One of the teens was seated by the roadside but the group declined any sort of assistance.

Out on Lebuh Kota Iskandar, we had to pull back the reigns on Malcolm. Otherwise, he would have continued his romp down to JSNAC!!! It was a short regrouping and within minutes, Chew, Sibyl, Maggie and VT all approached.

We wheeled down the gradual slope all the way to the roundabout, took the 12 o'clock, passing by JSNAC before hitting the next roundabout. After we took the next 12 o'clock, a gradual uphill climb to the junction turnoff for Sunway Iskandar began.

Heading west, Claudine saw her own shadow in front of her and an equally slender one tailing behind! Tried as she could, she could not shake it off! It was none other than Sibyl, drafting behind her!!!

We had another race yet again on the straight road all the way to Citrine at the Lakeview, Sunway's multi development complex. Then we slowed down our pace to enjoy the seaview right ahead. Thereafter we turned right to coast along the seafront only to stop on the gravelled, off road that leads to Kg Pendas Laut. We had to step down to push our bikes on this 100 m stretch before riding cautiously on a narrow road, riddled by potholes and webbed with tree roots, descendants of Ol' Treebeard of Lord of the Rings.

Kg Pendas Laut is nothing more than a small settlement by the river, cutaway from the main Pendas village by the Pendas River. Prior to the development of Sunway Iskandar and Iskandar Puteri, the villagers main lifeline is the river, crossing over to Pendas by boat. Surprisingly, they have a small shop that serves simple pre-cooked food and drinks. Malcolm as always was quick to order his Kopi O kosong and this led the others to follow suit with their own preferred drinks.

We left the laid back kampung after a photoshoot on the jetty. Thereafter, we rode past Gleneagles Medini, Medini Mall and took in a quick sideway glance of the colourful Legoland Hotel and themed park fashioned after the famous Lego blocks.

Arriving back at Horizon Hills, Irene and Mavis were taking it slow on the last climb to Pan Kobo Cafe. As stated, our speed did not pass the threshold of average speed 23 kph for the day and we arrived just before 10 am, right before the the land becomes unbearably hot and with enough time to spend the rest of the morning with our family.