Monday, 12 June 2017

The Elusive Shortcut to Pendas! (10 June 2017)

Congregating at Pan Kobo Cafe
Riding out on Iskandar Coastal Highway
Highway not officially opened yet!
Sue's first 45 km comeback after her accident in February

It was the second half of 2014 when my friend, YC did a solo recce ride in search of the new route to Pendas. Separated by Sungai Pendas, the village's only access back then was via Gelang Patah town and the old trunk road of J4. This new route got everyone really excited but few could give good testimony as the road back then, was nothing more than loose gravels and the bridge, a metal truss for construction vehicles.

The desire to find this elusive shortcut was reignited by TH recently. He reported a brand new access, complete with paved road and new bridge. However, it is still not accessible to the public.
Muddy 5 foot way
This morning, we rode to the link with a few backup plans but were clearly disappointed! The boom gate was down and the guard was firm. Trying to find detours, all road access leads to a dead end, except for a dirt road plied by lorries. Getting to it requires sliding down a slope, climbing over a collapsed fence and crossing a 5 feet wide stream! 
Pendas Hill overlooking Kg Pendas
Kg Pendas Laut separated from Kg Pendas by Pendas River
The road into Kg Pendas Laut
Without a mtb, we gave up!!! Instead, we detoured to Pendas Hill and Kg Pendas Laut before riding to Bukit Indah for a bowl of beef noodle....

Photo Credits :
1. Sue
2. Paul Eddie

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