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DRC 5.0 plus H - Tanjung Leman ( 2-3 May 2021)

 Day 1 - Tanjung Leman, Felda Tenggaroh 2, Tenggaroh WTP

Tanjung Leman old jetty after breakfast meet at Kota Tinggi

Tunjuk Laut Resort

Tunjuk Laut Resort has a mix of wooden and concrete chalets

Everlyn and Baihe, on the way to the old jetty

The old jetty

The old jetty

The old jetty

View of Tunjuk Laut Resort from the jetty

North view from the jetty

Off to a secret route. Few of us skidded on the sandy tracks several times

There are dried elephant dung along this route

Riding towards the abandoned bungalow

After the right turn from the sandy tracks

If u think hard enough, any bike can be a gravel bike!

The tracks become overgrown and soon we spotted an abandoned bungalow in the middle of nowhere!

A private pool!

A generator!

From the bungalow towards the beach

Beyond the trees is the beach. Unfortunately, a lot of rubbish were washed up on the beach despite its isolated location.

Same way in, same way out

Elephant dung

Same way in, same way out

While we took the hilly route of 1393, turning into Felda Tenggaroh 2 and Tenggaroh Water Treatment Plant..... 

....Irene, Mr Tan, Wee, Baihe and Everlyn decided to abandon the ride after only one climb because Everlyn felt like vomiting....

River side, not far from Tenggaroh WTP

Quite a few sampans are docked here. We are not sure if they are for local fishermen or rented out to anglers

The water treatment plant draws the water from this river!


On our way out. Only the short few hundred meter to the WTP is on tarmac

The rest of the 4 km stretch is on gravel or broken tarmac.

Suzie and Bernie came to our rescue. As it was puasa month, all they could provide were kuih raya. We were so happy to see them. We had finished our water supply earlier and with no choice, filled our bottles with tapped water at the WTP

Felda Tenggaroh's beautifully landscaped house

Mini Malaysia!

Watermelon break at Felda Tenggaroh

Setting up the campsite after some soaking on the beach and a shower at SeaSport Center. 

SeaSport Center....just drop your money in the box

SeaSport Center....just drop your money in the box

KFC, Tanjung Leman...dining with social distancing for single persons

KFC, Tanjung Leman...dining with social distancing for family

After dinner get together


Day 2 - Denai Tun Fatimah

Sunrise at Tg Leman

VT's hammock

Breakfast !

Breakfast !

Breakfast !

On the way !

On the way !

Hang Jebat Ravine signpost

Denai Tun Fatimah signpost

Here we go !

Only a short 1 km hike but it's tougher than we thought !

Thankfully there were ropes to hang on to !

Claudine's Ortlieb was passed on from her to VT, and then to Amy !

When you don't see ropes, the hike becomes easier !

View from the top ! Breakwater and lighthouse

Taking shelter while the shutterbugs clicked away

Groupie !

Groupie !

On the way down

On the way down

On the way down

We survived !

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