Sunday, 30 May 2021

DRC 4.0 plus H and B (24 - 25 April 2021) - Jeram Tinggi

Day 1 - Bukit Gambir, Gunung Ledang Waterfalls, Jementah, Buloh Kasap, Jeram Tinggi

Evening at Jeram Tinggi's car park. The stream is narrow (about 20 feet wide) with shallow waters. Beside the carpark is a farm

Early morning meet up at Bukit Gambir for a very simple meal of dim sum. The shop only offers few variety of pau, lo mai kai and siew mai. The siew mai's are small but cheap and substitute dried prawns for fresh prawns .

First sight of Gunung Ledang shrouded in clouds

There are 2 entrances to Gunung Ledang. One is a hiking trail while the other leads to the waterfalls. We took the one that leads to the waterfalls 

Gunung Ledang Resort is situated right next to the river. Parking at the resort costs RM3 per car while entrance fee is RM2 per pax. While there is a public car park outside the resort, the trail to the waterfalls begins right after the resort and canteen

First sight of the river. It was after the rain and thus the water was understandably brown

Well maintained amenities 

There are shelters and picnic tables at lower ground with garbage, well collected. Closer to the falls, non nature lovers made quite a mess 

Easy walking trail to the falls

Steps !

Clear streams flow to the main river

Clear streams flow to the main river

There were quite a few giant boulders and huge trees as we were approaching the falls. Leeches starts to welcome us as well !!!

We could hear the falls long before we saw this !!!

The smaller cascading body of water flows into this pool before it flows down a bigger cliff

The viewing bridge marks the end of the pool before the water flows further down

Cascading water

After a second breakfast at Jementah Hawker Centre, we rode to Buloh Kasap. This serene route is Jalan Kampung Bukit, right after the turn off from Route 23's Jalan Muar

Beautiful kampung house along Jalan Kampung Bukit

Our support car!

Jalan Kampung Bukit

Right after the bridge, before the right turn which will soon lead to J153

Jambatan Buloh Kasap was built in the 1930's under British rule. It was destroyed during WWII to impede the advancement of Japanese troops. After the war, a second bridge was built adjacent to the original one @ 1960's

A bridge that does not connect !!!

Perhaps the Fast and Furious team can fly their car across from one end to the other end.....Fast and Furious 10 ???

A typical colonial column design

Colonial remnants

View of the Muar River from Jamabatan Buloh Kasap

Jambatan Buloh Kasap was given a facelift in 2016 but appeared abandoned ever since!

One for the road...but wait, we need to eat!

Buloh Kasap's epicenter

We break for Char Kueh Teow by this corner stall. They serve very good chrysanthemum tea

Politically motivated or not, who can refuse free food especially Bubur Lambuk which is only given away during Ramadhan

Love or Hate relationship, a government that was not voted into power

There's a park on the other side of the river bank

The other end of the bridge, away from the town

One for the road...

Heading back to Jementah via Route 1 and subsequently J143 where we will pass by Pulapol, Chinese Cemetery and UiTM, Segamat campus

After taking a shower at Yun Feng Gong, a temple by the side of Jementah Hawker Center, we proceeded to Jeram Tinggi

Narrow road after the village

At one point, the car was climbing up a slope by the cliff with a few hundred meters drop. Thankfully, there were no oncoming cars from the other side!!!

The carpark by the stream. Dinner was a frugal meal of bubur lambuk and plain lemang bought from a family home along J23. They only costs between RM8 to 10 depending on their sizes while Taman Perling were selling them at RM18 each ! The lemang were eaten with canned curry chicken, courtesy of Chooi.

The stream after the rain

Our campsite! While most of us slept in the car, Neil chose to set up his tent on the farm land. 

A night walk basking in moonlight

The moon

Starry night at 4 am


Day 2 - Bukit Cinta, Bukit Jementah, IMBRT 

Washing up by the river in the morning

The men...

The ladies...

Some of the gang!

Seriously very picturesque!

Misty in the kampung

We had breakfast at Laksa Mee Cina in Jementah located at the owner's house. It was typically old school curry in thin broth which does not sit well with city folks who are used to luxurious food. The owner was kind to allow us to use their toilet which draws water from 2 sources ie from this underground well while the another is treated tapped water

The beginning of the trail with Gunung Ledang in the background. Bukit Cinta is connected to Bukit Jementah. One loop is about 4.3 km. Easy walking trail on dirt tracks

View of Jementah town

Midway shelter

Tractor's trail

Second segment to Bukit Cinta involves walking through a rubber estate. Be prepared for mozzies!

Easy walk

This place is actually a private property. While there is no "keep out" signage, there is a "enter at own risk" signage and a boom gate

A beautiful park with swings

Everybody wants a swing!

The sign is aptly suited for Bukit Cinta!

There were a few of these vintage bicycles! We wonder if the owner is a cyclist like us

Gunung Ledang in the background

Here's to jumping out of Covid 19 nightmares !!!


Lower terrace

On the viewing deck

Taking shelter at Bukit Jementah

Bukit Jementah's view of Nirvana Memorial Park's line of tombstones!

Taking part in the IMBRT Pilot Testing program which began on April 8 for 3 months. Behind us is an ART (Automated Rapid Transit), a multi carriage bus that is equipped with sensors that can read the painted tracks on the road. It is supposed to be able to self navigate on its own but there was a driver during our test ride between Horizon Hills and Medini Hub. 

This 18 meter bus runs on electricity while the other feeder buses we tested were either on electricity or bio-diesel

A model of station which will be built on Iskandar Coastal Highway near to the Bukit Indah / Casa Almyra / Taman Perling interchange 

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